max prus

max prus currently lives and works in london, uk.

variations of human figuration appear in max prus’ paintings alongside objects from our everyday experience. he wants to manufacture an intensity through detail and saturation that viewers can easily access and that can elevate the works into something unearthly. different iconographies tend to repeat themselves in the paintings, often disappearing for a while and then returning in another form. subdued people, walking away, wheeling hand luggage, on briefcase-sized canvases is a current motif. 

in 2020 he released a limited edition CD package titled romantic music, made up of multi-layered inkjet prints on paper, inkjet printing on compact disc, and dawless audio recordings using synthesiser hardware.

he graduated with a postgraduate diploma from the ra schools, london, uk,  in 2015, and with a ba (hons) in painting and printmaking from glasgow school of art, glasgow, uk in 2011.