leFoulard by Sarah Maret

Once upon a time, sailors brought colorful printed cottons from India to Switzerland.
The oriental patterns were reinterpreted and printed on cotton squares.
Mostly in the colors red and blue. The story goes, that the red of the cottons 
originally was made out of cow dung. 
The small cottons called «Indiennes» - mainly produced in the Swiss canton of Glarus
- became an export success and helped the barren mountain canton
to the so-called economic miracle of Glarus. In the 19th century
Glarus with more than 20 textile printing factory was one of
Europe's most important fabric printing centers.
leFoulard  is a silk foulard collection honoring the Swiss textile printing tradition.
In the last Silk Screen Factory of Switzerland, the patterns are hand-printed
on silk using the original screen printing process. .