a fair gallery - we share the profit

together we are strong and resilient. the covid-19 pandemic showed us in a fast-forward manner that the current structure of the art market isn’t a steady and stable source of income for artists, curators, small to middle sized galleries and the whole industry of workers employed in it. art fairs are being postponed, exhibitions cancelled, lack of governmental support, galleries merging or disappearing. what can we do to support artists?

we propose a new system in this age of pandemic. we reduced all regular gallery costs to a minimum, moved to a digital platform based gallery system which enables us to share 30% of each sale equally among all artists engaged in our program. 50% remains to the selling artist, 20% will go into production bursaries and maintenance of the platform. this will generate a basic income for our artists, but most importantly all our artists are not competing against each other but support each other. every artist becomes an ambassador for the others.

residence in art - summer offers

at our offbeat location, a unique, stand alone 600 year old farmhouse in st.niklausen switzerland, we invite our members, guests and participating artists to spend time with us in an impressive landscape.

it’s  a physical, solitary space with garden, studios and acres of land that operates as a playground for new proposals where visitors are able to stay in rooms and exhibitions by our artists, therefore being able to have time to experience the art first hand and to become a resident in art.

time is our currency in st. niklausen therefore we offer private time slots, hourly, daily, weekly slots where you can really connect with the art on display, time to foster dialogue to discuss and debate art and it’s production conditions in these troubling times but also a time to celebrate art, far away from usual gallery, art fair talks and atmosphere. all our time slots are combined with the well known hospitality services of THE PROPOSAL this will make your stay truly holistic and immersive. all profits will be shared with the artists involved in the program, obviously if you fall in love with a work on display feel free to speak to the founder of THE PROPOSAL jérémie jean-ferdinand maret on site for more information and availabilities.

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the memberships

become a member of THE PROPOSAL and help us, help our artists. get exclusive offers, limited editions and special invitations. choose your favorite membership package and support us in these pandemic times!

how it works

artists receive 50% of their sale price and share 30% with other artists.

20% goes to THE PROPOSAL to cover development and hosting costs.

history of THE PROPOSAL

THE PROPOSAL is an artist association that was originally founded in 2011 in zurich by jérémie jean-ferdinand maret. its first aim was to offer an unprecedented intimacy between art and viewer in an exhibition setting. in 2019, after james stephen wright joined the association, THE PROPOSAL moved away from solely providing experiences in rethinking the sustainability of art production by creating an artist-support network, fostering solidarity rather than competition. operating transparently, THE PROPOSAL redistributes most of its profit to the other artists of the networks (except for the 20% admin fee): from each sale, the selling artist gets 50% and the remaining 30% are shared. this way we move away from the individualism of commercial galleries’ structures towards an artist-support network.

after stations in zurich, berlin, shanghai and basel in 2020, THE PROPOSAL has now resettled to an offbeat location in st.niklausen, obwalden due to the global pandemic and launches a whole new post-COVID program for the artists part of its network.